A faith-based approach to cross-cultural effectiveness

Our training equips leaders and diversity professionals to pursue their organization’s mission cross-culturally

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Our solutions for cross-cultural engagement from a biblical worldview

Training Course

Start with our 24 hour course where you glean from our experience in starting and maintaining faith-based initiatives

Micro Course Library & Tools

Simplify your team’s cultural engagement training with our micro-course library assigned in our easy-to-use online portal.

Coaching and Customization

We team up with leaders for strategically placed coaching sessions throughout our certificate that convert knowledge into deliverables.

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Deep Dive into Learning

An in-depth certification process

24 hours of online training along with self-directed projects. We took our years of experience and packaged it in an easy to digest course for busy professionals.

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    Take your initiatives to the next level

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    Discover a fresh Biblical approach to engaging culture

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    Develop discerning, thoughtful leaders

Expand to your Core Team

Not everyone needs a deep dive, which is why we made "Teams"

A Teams subscription gives you full access to our micro course library, designed for leaders in the workplace or higher education. Be ready for instant training in our easy-to-use online portal.


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The right approach for building healthy teams

Preview our Course Content

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We built our program to meet your needs

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    A simple approach to training

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    A faith-based worldview

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    Learn from our experience building programs

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Where we COme from

We help understand the role of faith in the workplace

Written by our Co-Founder Dr. Walter R. Strickland II, PhD from the belief every Christian is called to be a minister through his or her work in the world.

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Frequently Asked

Find out more about who we are and what we do.

Contact us

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How does our pricing work ?

We try to be as flexible as possible when working with organizations. Individuals can sign up for the certificate plan and have full access to our content library. If you want to bring other team members on-board simply upgrade and then invite them to the platform

Can I preview the content my team members will see

Yes, you have full control over the content library, you can show all the courses, only show select courses, or you can hide the entire library and assign content individually.

Can I customize the content?

We can certainly work with enterprise customers on adding custom course content to our platform for your organization

What do you believe exactly?

We believe the best approach to cross-cultural engagement is derived from principles found in the Bible. Our course content is presented in a way to be respectful to members of your organization who are of different faiths as well.

Do you offer consulting?

Consulting is not an official service offered but contact us to inquire about the availability of our team members for on-site/virtual consulting and their independent fee schedules

A better way to engage your organization

We established Cultural Engagement to fill a void in diversity training from a faith-based perspective. Our desire is to equip Christian leaders to foster unified teams that execute their responsibilities with cultural intelligence. We integrate a biblical worldview and ethic into practices that foster biblical unity

Walter R Strickland II, PhD